Woven coasters

With February nearing end, it’s time to work on the resolutions set for 2015. Well, my resolutions are quite achievable….. Like eating healthy, reading a lot!!! Aha!! Reading! Currently, I set my goal on the good old classics and picked up Odyssey. Every time I go through it, I find myself fascinated by Penelope. Inspired by her (ahem… Not to ward off suitors though) I decided to weave something. I am in dire need of some coasters, or else my coffee table is going to get permanently stained. I have quite a chunky yarn at store, that means.. Less time for weaving.

So, lets get started…. Here are the things needed:

1. A sturdy piece of cardboard, rectangular or square.
2. Yarn for warp.
3. The chunky yarn or in fact any kind of yarn for weft.
4. A dining fork to push back the woven sections.


Now, I drew lines on my cardboard in 1.5 cm interval. Then i made slits on the upper and lower parts of the lines, these are the slits through which I will insert my warp.


Next goes the warp yarn.


Now the show begins 🙂

Push back the weave with fork for a fuller look. Did I mention .. I wrapped masking tape around the ends to keep them at place?


I reached the end, now it’s time to remove the tape and tie the ends together


All is well that ends well …
My woven coaster now sits happily on my coffee table 🙂


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