Tassel Necklace

These days, tassels are in rage. I see tassels everywhere, as necklaces, earrings, in scarves, even in market bags.
I looked up in the Webster dictionary :

noun tas·sel \ˈta-səl, oftenest of corn ˈtä-, ˈtȯ-\
‘a dangling ornament made by laying parallel a bunch of cords or threads of even length and fastening them at one end’

Well, then lets get started to make my version of tassel necklace (..and stay in vogue …:))

The things I used are :
Embroidery thread
A piece of leather
Jewelry wire
Few beads
Sea shells
A black chord


I made a tassel from the embroidery thread, then I cut the leather in a triangle shape and sewed three sea shells on it. Next, i added a bead on the triangular leather through which the chord will pass.

Now, the pieces are coming along…


And….ta dah….. I have my own tassel necklace!



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4 Responses to Tassel Necklace

  1. Melina says:

    Hi …your necklace is pretty awesome! Keep posting!


  2. I love this DIY post!


    Liked by 1 person

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