5 minute phone sleeve

No kidding….. You can really make a phone sleeve in 5 minutes from scratch.

The countdown begins….
The things needed are

1. Felt pieces in two colors
2. Wool to do blanket stitch
3. Needle
4. Suede chord
5. Wooden button
6. Beads


First, I traced the phone over the grey felt piece. Next, I draw petals on the other piece of red felt piece and started to roll up the petals to form a flower.


It’s time to stitch the sleeve. I did the stitching with the red wool. Then, I added the flower at the lower left corner and finally added the suede chord parallel to the lower edge.


Fine, it’s still a minute left 🙂

Time to spruce up with the wooden button and the suede chord to fasten and keep the phone at place.

The final touch up ….. 2 beads at the end of the suede chord.


And….voila …


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