Recipe journal make over

I have an awfully boring recipe journal! with a black cover… :(. And since many many months I have been thinking about a make over. Finally I made a rough sketch and gathered the things I needed.

I used:
1. Brown paper
2. Fabric strip, I kept the raw edge on purpose! I wanted a rustic look
3. Heart cut from the same fabric, after all you need to pour out your heart to cook…right?
4. A cloth tag
5. Few strings of wool
6. Few beads
7. Glue, scissors.


I won’t post photos of step by step assembly, it’s pretty easy actually! What I did is that I wrapped the brown paper first, then added the fabric pieces i.e. the strip and the heart. I cut the clothing tag into two pieces and used them as a closure for the journal. (Oh yes! I cut out the original binding elastic). For closure, I cut out strings of wool and inserted some beads at the ends. Here, I must mention, the beads which I selected at first didn’t pass through the wool, so I used other beads. I dangled some strings of wool with beads from the spine… they can be used as multiple bookmarks too. I did some doodling for final touch up.


I can’t wait to write a new recipe πŸ™‚


Keep calm…. And cook πŸ™‚

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1 Response to Recipe journal make over

  1. Megan says:

    I love your DIYs


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