Spring, where art thou?

It’s still cold out there. One sunny morning and one blooming daisey – and I think Spring is there! Alas! No! Not yet….

Nevertheless, I would keep myself well equipped for Spring 🙂 and spring fashion 🙂
Here is my spring brooch.

So, roll up your sleeves ..

I used

1. Four circles cut out from silk, two in off-white and the other two in blue, don’t worry about the edges, I will burn them anyway
2. Multicolored yarn
3. A piece of tule
4. A pearl button and a pearl bead
5. A brooch pin
6. Tea light
7. Needle and thread


Assemble the circles according to their diameter. And yes, burn the edges before assembly. Add the button and bead at the centre. Add the piece of tule and the yarn. Actually, I constantly improvise my ideas while making something thus the end result may not be the same what I envisaged at the beginning 🙂

Here, the circles assembled and stitched.


Lastly, I stitched the brooch pin at the back and it’s ready …


Spring… here I come!!!!!!!!

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1 Response to Spring, where art thou?

  1. atkokosplace says:

    Very pretty!❀ Been raining here all day. Before that was ice storm and then snow. I am sooo ready for spring! 🙂


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