Leather pouch

I am sure, like me, your bags always overflow. Even with good cleanse every few days, it seems that junk always build up inside the bag. And, I must confess, I always overpack things… Things those I don’t need always and all my bags are quite large. Hmmmm….. and suddenly wisdom dawned on me… if I can avoid using large bags, then I would end up with less junk, if not totally free from it…well…worth trying!!!!

I set my goal on a pouch. While reading about pouches, I found a Wikipedia article (always the savior, salutes!! Wikipedia)- it says ‘The oldest known purse was found with Ötzi the Iceman who lived around 3,300 BC’ . Nice to know! Mostly, the pouches were used to keep personal belongings. The oldest known pouches were quite simple, just a circular shape of animal skin, pierced along the circumference and tied with a rope. With time, pouches, too got make over and were embellished even with gold thread.

Today, my leather pouch is going to be a simple one. I used:

1. Two pieces of leather, you can see the picture, two square of same size that will be the body of the pouch and a triangle in one piece for the flap.
2. A triangular piece of leather.
3. Wool.
4. Wooden button and two wooden beads.
5. A leather punching tool.
6. Needle.
7. Crochet hook to do a chain with wool.

It’s time to get started…


First, I punched holes in the two leather pieces and stitched them up with wool. Now, the two pieces are joined. Remember the triangular piece? Roll it up and secure with wool and fix it on the flap. I added two wooden beads to the woolen chain. Next, I made two slits on the front leather piece and passed the chain through them. The rolled up bead and the chain together will form closure.


Honestly, at this stage, I was not impressed by the look of it. So, I decided to embellish with a flower here, a tassel there. Finally, I did add up a handle, though I forgot to mention it..sorry!

Now it’s ready to be used during our stroll in the weekends 🙂


Or to be hanged during weekdays :p


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