A tale of two bracelets

No points in guessing! I am going to show you how I made two bracelets – one, a recycled jean wrap bracelet and another a leather bracelet. Trust me, they won’t take up more than 10 minutes.

For the bracelets, I used

1. A strip of jean, I kept the edges raw. This is going to be a wrap bracelet. So measure the length by wrapping it around your wrist
2. A colorful button
3. A strip of leather
4. An embroidered trim. No! I did not embroider it, my mother did.
5. Wooden button

And not to mention the quintessential things: scissor, thread, needle, a pen knife, glue.


Now, starting with the wrap bracelet, do some stitches you like, I did some running stitches throughout the entire length. I did not even used embroidery floss, I used simple white cotton thread for stitching. Make a button hole. And finally attach the button at one end.

For the leather bracelet, I kept it pretty simple. I glued the trim to the leather strip halfway through its length. Then, I made a slit for button hole and then attached the button.

Here is the photo


With a closer look


Have a nice weekend ahead!

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