Butterfly Brooch

I stayed in Germany for a considerable period of time and thus picked up Deutsch. No offense to the language, the words are pretty long! Like geshwindigkeit meaning velocity!!!
Seeing a butterfly, I asked a friend, what’s it called in German? She replied schmetterlinge… What!!!!!! Ssme- ter- lin- ge!!!!!! What a terrible name for the cute little thing! At that moment, I could not help but feel pity for it 🙂
Today, an ode to the beautiful creature 🙂 .. A butterfly brooch.

I used
1. old jeans ( scrap bustering, if you are wondering!). Cut 4 circles from jeans, two of larger diameter than the other two. I used two different shades.
2. Blue lace trim
3. A brooch pin
4. A pearl button
5. Needle and thread


First, fold the denim circles into half, sew along the folded edges, pull the thread to gather. Repeat for other three pieces.


When the four pieces are gathered, sew them together. Add the pearl button in centre and lastly add the brooch pin at the back.


And…yippeeee… It’s ready… Wear it anywhere, with anything to jazz up the mundane daily wears!! Cheers!!!


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