The hidden heart – a page from my art journal

We had a war raged at home, literally, yes… I mean almost! It was a deadly attack, by some alien mutated influenza virus which left us 24×7 into pyjamas, fever ( with some hallucination too!), running nose, terrible cough …in a word it seems that both the world around us and we are nearing death :(. Luckily, some angel surely has listened to our prayers, and after a fierce battle, the virus did left us drained :(. took a longgg time to recover! But, nevertheless, we are back, presumably with a bang :). After a long hiatus I opened my art journal to scribble something.

The black leather covered altered book is my art journal. The other altered book peeping below is my floral journal, but that story is for some other day 🙂


And…my tools..
Some old book pages
Some water colour masterpieces from my pint sized Picasso (sorry baby!!)
Paint markers
Water colour
Painting brushes
Some stamps
Masking tape
Etc etc..


For this page, I didn’t use gesso, actually I am running out of it (sighs!!). I used masking tape to give a little sturdiness. I planned to work up in layers. Here is the first one.


Okay! Now moving on to the next layer. I simply tore away pieces of paper and pasted them.


Now the third layer …with some painting…


Now, the final touch, I am always afraid that I will overdo things, as I did couple of times…hope I did not overdo this time !


However, it reminds me of this poem ..


He held his palms each side the spark
His love had kindled in the dark.

His two hands were curved apart
In the semblance of a heart.

He wore, it seemed to his small son,
A bare heart on his hidden one,

A heart that gave out such a glow
No son awake could bear to know.

It showed a look upon a face
Too tender for the day to trace.

One instant, it lit all about,
And then the secret heart went out.

But it shone long enough for one
To know that hands held up the sun.”

Well, this was my ode to the hidden heart !

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