Pearl-in-the-shell pendant


It shineth so bright, it is so round of shape,
Without fault or stain, if it be truly a pearl.
It becometh never the worse for wear,
Be it ne’er so old, if it remain but whole.

If by chance ’tis uncared for and becometh dim,
Left neglected in some lady’s bower,
Wash it worthily in wine, as its nature requireth :
It becometh e’en clearer than ever before.

This is an excerpt of a poem written by an hitherto unknown poet. Right! You read it right! We do not know the poet. Presumably he is from 14th Century Middle England, and he is known as ‘The Pearl Poet’ among the scholars. And, surely, the ‘pearl’ of a poet he was!

Now, moving on from the poem… Pearl has fascinated me since childhood, whenever I think pearl, I think of oceans – vast calm oceans. In eastern astrology too, pearl denotes calmness and purity. In these hurried busy days, we do need some calmness, to take a breath, to relax and to unwind ourselves.

Today’s DIY pendant is to include a symbol of calmness in our lives πŸ™‚ – a pearl pendant.

You will need :
1. A sea shell
2. A pearl
3. Jewelry wire


First, I needed to make a small slit in the sea shell. I tried different methods, but most of the times, the shell snapped. Lastly used a pen knife. I repeatedly scratched the part of the shell, where I wanted to make the slit. After 15 minutes of scratching, I was able to make a small slit. But do it real gently and carefully. Now, I passed wire through the pearl and then passed the wire+pearl through the slit. Here is the photo.


You are almost done! I wear it with a silver chain.



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