Crochet hair embellishment

Santa: what do you want for Christmas?
Girl: a unicorn.
Santa: be realistic!
Girl: ok, a boyfriend.
Santa: which colour of the unicorn do you want?

I read this once in Pinterest.

No doubt, unicorn is a rage among young girls! And unicorn hair too! Before you question my sanity, let me clear the fog. Unicorns are fictitious, so are the unicorn hair. But, thanks to some cartoon ( I guess, it’s – my little pony ), girls are mad about hair accessories called unicorn hair. It’s nothing but a thick bunch of colorful nylon ‘hair’ dangling from a hair clip. My girl saw it in school and insisted on buying one, I bought her three such things – in orange, red and pink – each one an eyesore. So, I decided to make one myself. At first, I thought of making strings from yarns, but then changed my plan (happens always!! In other words – improvisation of thoughts !!!).

I used
Pink crochet yarn
A 2 mm crochet hook
A hair clip
And three pearl beads.


I made a simple flower, a circle and a half flower, all connected by chain stitch.
For the flowers: I made a circle of 3 chain stitches and joined them with a slip stitch. Half double crochets stitches, then, to make a circle around the initial 3- chain circle. For the petals, 5 double crochet in the same chain stitch, then a slip stitch in the next one…and it goes on.



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