DIY beaded watch strap

Hi there! Hope summer is treating you grand!

Couple of years ago I saw a watch from Swatch with a pearl stretchable band. I looked for it or anything similar a lot. But couldn’t find one. A few days back, I was looking for some DIY watch straps and saw a few with beads. Instantly, I had an idea of making one for myself.

My supplies:

1. A watch face: I picked up one from the local market in 3€, so that if it results to be a craft fail, it won’t hurt my pocket much 😉
2. Fresh water pearls
3. Random beads.
4. Elastic thread.


I decided to do two strings. First I tied the elastic thread to the watch face and went on with the beads.

Here…. In progress….


I have a rather narrow wrist, so I kept all the contrast beads near the watch face so that they are visible. I tied the other ends of the thread when it reached desired length.

And voilà…

It’s ready..



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